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Partnership With Father


Faithful Servant vs. Beloved Son/Daughter?

Serve From Afar vs. Partner On Location?

Landing Wealth in Stewardship vs. Partnership?


Faithful Servant or Beloved Son/Daughter?

Serve From Afar or Partner On Location?

Landing Wealth in Stewardship or Partnership?

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Terry has been on a 50 year journey of learning to Partner with Heavenly Father.  Before Terry’s father died from cancer when he was 6 years old, Terry helped his father on the family ranch.  He learned early the right alignment of working with Dad on location. Over the last 10 years he has transitioned into the same partnering with Heavenly Father.

Through coaching, mentoring, and on-site summits, Terry transitions business men and women into mature identity and awareness that engages their Partnership With Father – at work and at home.  As the leader learns to work with Father in all four dimensions of their Partnership, they accelerate through personal and business breakthroughs, into managing wealth creation together.

As a dynamic speaker and mentor, Terry challenges business leaders and executive teams in North America and Europe to upgrade their spiritual belief system to an executive level that partners with Father.

Terry and his wife Marguerite have been married for 34 years and enjoy homes on the family ranch in Texas as well as their current residence in Colorado Springs. They serve on multiple national and international boards. Terry holds Masters of Divinity and Economics degrees and has been an active investor in the natural resource sector for 19 years.  They are proud parents of eight daughters, one son, two son-in-laws and five grandchildren.

This 15 Day Journey of Thankfulness will powerfully strengthen your awareness of Father being with you to prosper at work!


Join the Partnering With Father Movement by attending (or hosting) an Executive Mentoring Event.

Future leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend… partial scholarships are available.

1/2 Day Intensive

The 1/2 Day Intensive is for mature Christian Leaders and Executives wanting to start the upgrade of their belief system to powerfully Partnering With Father (PWF).


  • Your heart will soar as you secure Sonship identity and restored legitimacy
  • You will go after nearness with Father in 3 realms: above, by, and within (Eph 4:6)
  • You will experience the thrill of activating Father on the field with you at your work
  • You PWF unlocks courageous and fearless leadership to take your promised land
  • PWF enables the leader to release a Fathering spirit to their business, family, and extended relationships. When Father, fathers us from the inside, we become a Father to others!

2 Day Summit

The 2 Day Summit secures a deep foundation of PWF in the leader.  The 2 days facilitate multiple belief system shifts that are essential to securing & empowering their PWF!


  • PWF - will restore you to your original design and relationship potential
  • PWF will heal the orphan on the inside and overcome your survival modes!
  • You will secure your Partnership in the secret place and carry it onto the field at work!
  • Engaging your Giants (fear, anxiety, stress, & 2nd guessing) with Father… verses alone!
  • Father loves to heal: broken identity, stolen legitimacy, offenses, and trauma… from the inside out. He loves to then enthrone Himself in these voids at your invitation!

In-House Mentoring

Terry mentors leaders, leadership teams, or board of directors… to integrate PWF with their business plan, strategies and challenges.  Businesses usually begin by hosting a 1/2 Day Intensive or a 2 day Summit.


  • Terry travels to your business to launch PWF… with optional ongoing mentoring pkgs
  • Your PWF will model Jesus’ PWF in serving others/customers and triumphing over evil.
  • PWF is a HUGE upgrade to the status quo of servant leadership that serves Him from afar
  • PWF invokes authority, power, and strategy to overcome business problems and obstacles
  • Terry and Father help you upgrade the spiritual side of your business to PWF… which improves wisdom, insight, and planning that’s required to obtain near and long-term goals

After the PWF Summit, I’m wide awake to The Father in and with me, and it’s blowing away old limits and fears.

Todd HalbergFinancial Advisor

The Partnering with Father Summit brought me to the realization that it’s not about me performing well or not being “good enough” to please Him,  only then He will choose to bless my efforts.  In reality, it is Father operating invisibly within me and beside me from the beginning – in the midst of my inexperience and inability.

Honnie KorngoldExecutive Producer and Founder at CineVantage Productions