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Drivenness – Part 2

Photo Credit: Bugatti. Most Christian Business Men and Women have a love/hate relationship with DRIVENNESS!   In Part 1 of this series on Drivenness we compared healthy drivenness and unhealthy drivenness.  Healthy drivenness flows from our core and is not selfish.  It gets things accomplished, it is fuelled by healthy priorities, and it constantly makes […]


Unlocking Inner Forgiveness

I am excited to share this with you. My good friend Larry Pearson and I got on a Zoom call this week and shared insights into inner forgiveness that Father has been working with both of us personally.  These truths have been really powerful as we have prayed and applied them to those who have offended […]


Drivenness – Part 1

Most Christian Business Men and Women have a love/hate relationship with DRIVENNESS!   Healthy Drivenness Works!… it comes up out of your core… it gets things accomplished… it insists on healthy priorities! It constantly makes a difference for others! But Unhealthy Drivenness Is Costly!… It will: Side-track Your Destiny… Cripple Your Family… Ruin Your Business, […]

It is TIME to Move Like Never Before

I have been getting this view from the Father for several business leaders…. IT IS TIME! Here is the SHORT VERSION: Beloved son, thanks for never giving up! Now it is TIME to move with Me, more powerfully than ever! Your spirit gets it… and you will join Me!!! What I see rising up out […]

Blessing my Daughter Kimberly

I wrote a blessing for Kimberly my senior in High School. My prayer is that you would edit this blessing and make it your own!… Kimberly, I am really proud of you (and your Mother is too) because you are our daughter! You are a beautiful young woman with a big spirit that loves God […]

Father Has Got Me on the Team

Father, Thank You for Fathering me and powerfully settling me in my true identity as a son and heir! I love being in Your family and being a part of Your team that is advancing the Kingdom! Father, thank You for coaching me to walk in Christ with You in abiding: friendship, partnership, creativity, and […]

You Have Great Potential as a Lawyer

As a Christian, you have amazing potential as a lawyer in the invisible realms of the spirit! Discovering who you really are in Christ gives you access, acceptance, and authority in the Throne (court) Room of Heaven! In this sense, you were created to be a lawyer in the spirit!   When you got saved, […]

A Big “Thank You Father!!!”

“But as for me, the nearness of God is my good!” Heavenly Father, thank You that You are “one God and Father, Who is above all, and by all, and in all!” (Eph 4:6) Father, I choose to become more aware of You “above me, beside me, and in me,” through thankfulness! FATHER ABOVE, thank […]