Partnership with Father requires us to upgrade our view of SUCCESS and wealth creation . . . and land it inside partnership.  This is a big change from our past season of landing wealth and prosperity in our servant stewardship belief system. This shift is similar to landing wealth in our personal row boat . . . verses landing it on an aircraft carrier.

In our stewardship season we depended on Our Father Above to give us wisdom, favor, and guidance to create wealth and steward it.  Those successes, trained us in what to give to Him and others, what to re-invest, as well as what to use for ourselves. We learned that “sharing success” is a blessing to everyone that gives and receives, and we learned “success is empty” when we selfishly consume it on ourselves.

Partnership with Father upgrades us into the wealth of: Him being with us and Him being inside of us.  Partnership is about doing life together!  This “multi-dimensional abiding” is a partnership that truly makes us wealthy and blessed beyond measure!  It’s a wealthy partnership with a foundation of “relational connection” that loves doing life together.  Notice it is wealthy before any monetary assets are put into it . . . it is rock solid in true wealth!  Therefore, it can hold monetary wealth without corruption.

When we upgrade our belief system to land our monetary successes (and failures) into our partnership with Father, most of the stewardship pressure falls on the greater Partner – Our Father.  He loves taking our fear, anxiety, stress upon Himself.  But we have to come to Him with it . . . and give it to Him!  Father takes our pressure of being responsible “all by ourselves” upon Himself, and gives us His ability to rest under the pressure.  Then we move forward yoked with Him to manage and steward it.  Jesus practiced this principle in His partnership with Father and wants us to do the same.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey of Partnering with Heavenly Father.  Let me ask you a fun question or two:

Does powerful Partnership with Father require officing together with Him?  Does it go to another level if we office with Him above and He offices with us down here?

If so, that probably requires a huge upgrade from our current belief system.  I am convinced from Jesus’s partnership with Father, that He officed/abided with Father above and Father officed/abided with Him down here.  I believe our partnership is to have offices in both places.  It is good for both partners to enjoy being at the same location together.

Most of us have developed our belief system of relating to Our Father in Heaven from down here on earth.  This is a great foundation, but it has Him officing up there and leaves us officing down here: living by grace and depending on His help from above.

Father has also given us His written Word, the gifts of the Spirit, the on-site ministry of Holy Spirit, as well as tremendous mercy & unlimited forgiveness.  It is all part of a good foundation that can be built upon and taken to new levels.

Paul coached us in Ephesians 2 and Colossians 3 that Father raised us up and set us next to Him at His right hand in Christ.  Why?  To settle identity and sonship!  To settle Partnership!  To experience abiding in Christ!  To learn to office with Father above!

What is this Partnering with Father all about?  CONNECTION!  We are going after the multi-dimensional abiding that Jesus lived with Father and demonstrated . . . the same abiding He called us to: “If you abide in Me and I abide in You, you will bear much fruit, but apart from me you can do nothing!” (Jn 15:5).

Jesus set the example for us.  He partnered with Father above and with Father on location through the abiding.  Jesus is our coach.  He is the abiding coach!  Let’s get Him to take us into the exquisite partnership He has with Father.  As we follow Him, He will focus us on the Father!  Let’s take this journey together and get Him to coach us!

Heavenly Father created us to grow up and partner with Him.  

He designs our journey of maturity to include 3 big seasons of identity progression: the first identity upgrade: is learning to be a good servant that serves others. It also includes becoming faithful stewards of all we have at work and at home.

As we mature through trials, tests and successes, Father sets up our second identity upgrade: to know and experience that we are a beloved son/daughter.  This is the connection season that we draw close to Father and settle the truth that He really likes us and wants to be with us.

This season of settling sonship, sets us up for our third identity upgrade: to experience a Partnership with Him as our Father.  This third season of mature identity and friendship, is all about realms of abiding that advance the Partnership in momentum and success.

Have you ever looked at the Prodigal son story as his upgrade to Partnership?  The prodigal son (after coming to his senses in the pig pen) came home to be a servant for His Father.  The Father refused that IDENTITY mindset!  Father opened His arms to him as the much loved son that he really was!

Because of his repentant heart and countenance as an unworthy son, Father did not let him ask to be downgraded into a servant identity.  Father looked past his sin & selfishness & performance failures. . . and focused on what He knew was in his son’s core (this is a son of my loins — created for partnership).

The Father beautifully restored him into sonship identity (and partnership) by dressing him with the robe, the ring and the sandals. Father put him in partnership before he was done processing his own failures and leaving his survival season!

Father re-established him as a son of the house with a celebration.  Why?  He was made to partner with FATHER!  (see Luke 15)

Interestingly the other brother, who was doing his duty to serve the family business (i.e., similar to the one who attends church for kudos), was also disconnected from his partnership with Father in his belief system.

I believe Father is helping us shift from the foolishness of doing life mostly by ourselves, to the awareness of Partnering with Him. Father is on the move with us to restore all we have lost in our selfish and survival seasons.

Partnering with Father changes everything and we get to transition to offense . . . and live out the dreams of what WE CAN DO TOGETHER IN OUR NEW SEASON!

Many seasoned leaders have upgraded to sonship, and many others are in this extraordinary process.  So if you have upgraded to sonship (or daughterhood), be assured Father is after His partnership with you!  

You have been prepared by your past season of faithfulness (and failures), and now is “the time set by the Father” to call you into partnership with Him! (see Gal 4:1-2)