Father, You said in Prov 13:12 that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire realized is a tree of life”! Our Heavenly Father is the God of hope! He wants our relationship with Him to be full of hopes and dreams that turn into reality so that it infuses us with more life and momentum. The enemy wants our hopes stolen leaving our heart sick and in bed, totally out of the game of life!


In any hope deferred situation, the enemy wants to block the dream/success (or what is hoped for) and then point the finger at us as the real problem and highlight any and all mistakes or wrong decisions we made that caused the failure! The enemy also works hard to lock us into the limited spiritual awareness of our outer man operating in survival mode (it often includes that “deer in the headlight” fear & trauma). When he gets us locked into this survival mode, he will throw more lies at us to imprison us there away from God in our own perceived failure, loss, and trauma!


When desires are not realized, the enemy also loves to attack God’s character and accuse Him as being the problem for not helping. The enemy attacks us with the lie based thought that “God could have helped and that He had the power to help, so obviously He didn’t care enough about us (or was upset at us) and therefore withdrew from us and left us in our failure and hope deferred.


When we have experienced this trapped place of failure, loss, and abandonment, the enemy inundates us with the following lie based beliefs: our worth and identity are rooted in our performance therefore we are shameful failures, the fear that God (as our Heavenly Father) does not have our backs, the belief we have to suck it up and survive on our own, the belief we have to ultimately rely on our own independent abilities, the belief that God does NOT really come to us in the times we need Him most, the belief that we can’t hear His voice, especially when it matters the most. All of these support the ultimate lie-based belief (empower by the experience of failure and loss) that we are really orphans rather than one of His children who He really cares about!!


When the enemy gets us to believe that we are (or deserve to be) real or functional orphans, a life of survival ensues. This orphan status is glad to upgrade to religious slavery that never gets beyond the truths of Lordship salvation and Lordship sanctification. The saved orphan easily settles for just being a servant that might get a “well done good and faithful servant” at the end of life! Luke 15:19 Therefore our position and identity as a son or daughter, as well as our birthrights (as children of the King), as well as our functional places as heirs in the Kingdom, as well as our friendship, partnership and abiding with our Father & King, are all forfeited! The enemy loves this tactic of killing, stealing, and destroying!


At this point we are stuck in time (in the middle of our failure) and set up for all the doubt & unbelief that goes with failure and feeling abandoned!! It is essential that we work through our hope deferred by taking it to Heavenly Father through prayer! This step gets us in a state of rest, until the breakthrough of “desire realized” manifests!


Questions to Find Hope Deferred


So let me ask, “what failures, or significant loss, or major disappointment comes to mind?” What was your most traumatic business failure or loss? What was your most traumatic personal failure or loss? What loved one died and you are not over the loss? You may have one or more of each! To a degree, part of you may still be stuck in one or more of them.


So what would make your top five list of hope deferred moments and situations?







Identifying these and writing them down is a great place to start.


Most of us have spent a lifetime of avoiding these places like the plague! So don’t be surprised if you want to avoid the questions above!


Why? Because these failures and lost hopes were so disappointing in our lives, most of us want to forget or ignore that they happened. It just hurts too much to think or dwell on them, and when we do, we end up beating up on ourselves again, or stirring up more bitterness & unforgivness toward those who betrayed and hurt us, or further distancing ourselves from God because we are reminded that He didn’t have our back then, and He probably won’t in the next hopeful situation. This is how hope deferred becomes a powerful hidden stronghold in our lives.


The enemy loves to inundate us with the lies and thinking: that we got ourselves into this mess, and we have to live with our consequences, or that God is indifferent, unengaged, upset with us, or punishing us for our poor performance in this situation, or punishing us for some sin or failure of the past. Then when we get in a similar situation (whether we are consciously aware of it or not) our self defense and survival mechanisms (buttons) kick in and we begin responding to the situation in the limitedness of our outer man (soul —mind, will, emotions, as well as our physical body’s avoidance, flight and fight modes).


So please spend some time intentionally drawing near to God as a son/daughter and ask Him to be with you in the process of finding your “hope deferred” situations! Please work through the questions above (and the prayer below) with Him and get His help to expose and reveal your areas of mistrust!


Holy Spirit will be right with you taking this area of your life back! He will really protect you and help you break into “desire realized” and move in new faith and trust in Christ with Heavenly Father as the son and daughter and heir you were created to be!


Prayer to Be Free of Hope Deferred


Father, in Jesus Name, I pray and ask that Your Kingdom comes near to me right now!


Father, as a son/daughter and being in Christ, I draw near to You in the complete safety of Your Throne Room! May I sit next to You in Christ, clothed in His righteousness and totally washed clean with His blood? Father will You restore me to the fullness of who You see me as (seated next to You as Your son/daughter)?


Father You see how my “hope deferred” has separated me from You in mistrust, discouragement, and feeling abandoned (like an orphan). Jesus promised He would not leave me this way (Jn 14:18) and explained that He would come to me and bring me to you! So, with His help, I draw near to You!


Father, will You heal me from all hope deferred, especially from the pain of past business failures, the hope deferred from all relational betrayal & loss as well as the pain of my personal failures & trauma?


Father You know that parts of me that are still stuck back in those failures, betrayal & traumas!! I still remember many of them like yesterday! (Note a situation that comes to mind and proceed.) _______________________________________________________________


Father, I know the truth that, “You never leave us nor forsake us”, would You show me where You were when I was in _________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ (my failure/trauma)?

Would You show me where You were in the invisible realms of that situation? (Pause and let Him show you).


Father, Thank You that YOU WERE THERE WITH ME!


Father would You forgive me for my part of being stuck or trapped in this place, including every lie I have believed that has kept me there?


Father, Would You also forgive me for coping and surviving as best as I could in my own strength and determination?


Father would You now take me out of this place forever?


Father, would You raise me up and set me at Your right hand in Christ where I belong?


Father, will You put me in a process of total restoration in identity, legitimacy, and wholeness as Your beloved child sitting next to You abiding in Christ?


Father, now that I am sitting next to You, will You also heal me from the sickness and damage to my heart, spirit, and inner man that this hope deferred has caused?


Father this sickness (from hope deferred, failure, and loss) has also led to many of my strongholds of unbelief. It has created resistance in me to Your promptings to move in faith, as well as fortified my unwillingness to change.


Father, will You forgive me for my unbelief and every associated lie based mindset?


Father, will You also forgive me for every inner vow that I made (in my survival mode) trying to manage the loss and failure?


I confess that I moved over into my own strength using inner vows and often promised myself that I would never let those things happen again. Father, I did this without taking these burdens to You (and therefore I handled these failures by myself, absent of the abiding). Will You forgive me?


Father will You also heal me from the internal damage this caused to my heart, spirit, & inner man? They got crushed, shoved out of the way, and my outer man (operating out of fear and survival), took over and ran the show out of his/her own strength!


Father, Will You forgive me and restore me to the healthy dominion of my inner man’s leadership and abiding in You (and You in him)!!!


Father, may I now partner again with You in the awareness of unbroken abiding?


Father, May I move with You to restore what (failure and hope deferred) destroyed and held back?


May I move with You in unbroken abiding and partnership to advance “every good desire,” over into the “desire realized” category!!!


May these successes (and the associated fellowship with You), be a tree of life! May they bring great glory and advancement to Your Kingdom!!

I have been getting this view from the Father for several business leaders…. IT IS TIME!

Here is the SHORT VERSION:

Beloved son, thanks for never giving up!

Now it is TIME to move with Me, more powerfully than ever!

Your spirit gets it… and you will join Me!!!

What I see rising up out of your core (it’s Me… mixed with you), is unstoppable!

You are not who you used to be.

The survival season is over!

It is TIME to win! ………… BIG TIME!!


Beloved son, I am very thankful you are a fighter that never quits and you are moving into the new overcomer season as a good son who walks and moves with with me as Father!

Serving Me (in faithfulness) FROM AFAR… was last season.

Moving with Me ON LOCATION (& on the phone) is the new season and our NEW worldview!

It is TIME to believe and experience at new levels that: “I and My hosts (that are with you), are MORE than those against you”… THEREFORE everywhere you go (& connect on the phone), I as King and My Kingdom is at hand/come near.

Beloved son, you need to see that happening on both ends of strategic phone calls! I am powerfully with you on your end, and I and My Hosts are with them on the other end of the call! Even when they don’t realize it, the will of heaven… will be fully online and bringing Kingdom purposes into being!

(note: I had to stop and ponder the above for myself. This truth came to mind:

Be it unto you… Terry, as you HAVE believed! …………………………………. Ugh!!! ……

Honestly, I have never slowed down and believed this…….. until writing this!)

Now is TIME to believe it and live it!

Beloved son, as Your Father, I want you to keep going after this new worldview and make it your own! It is TIME!!!

My son, this is not hard! With a few seconds of prayer from your heart (before a call, or stepping into a mtg, or on stepping onto location) your spirit can invoke it!

You will become very aware of the shift this causes in day to day business and ministry.

Your courage and confidence (in Me with you) will explode!

Beloved son, as we move into this new season, I am VERY thankful for the Joint Leadership you carry with me as your Father, and I want you to believe that I am right there with you…. like never before!

I am releasing great blessings of awareness and advancement into My partnership with You!

It is TIME you believe this!

Bottomline: this is your identity: You ARE a beloved son and overcomer! I am with you!

It is TIME that We advance (on offense) like never before!

It is TIME you send Me before Us & TIME We move together.

It is TIME you believe in Me in dual (simultaneous) dimensions to take the promised land ahead!

I want you very aware that I am the Lord of Hosts that goes BEFORE US and WITH US)

Go Father Go!

Go beloved son Go!

Go Kingdom Go!

I wrote a blessing for Kimberly my senior in High School.

My prayer is that you would edit this blessing and make it your own!…

Kimberly, I am really proud of you (and your Mother is too) because you are our daughter!

You are a beautiful young woman with a big spirit that loves God and people!

As your Dad and Mom, We cheer you on in your final year at Colorado Springs Christian School and we know that our Heavenly Father is with you and that He is your biggest cheer leader!

We bless you to hear His celebrations over you and to enjoy Him every step of the way!

Kimberly You know, as I have drawn near to Father these last few years, I have found His view of me as a much loved son.

I bless you to go deep with Him and continue to find more of His passion for you as His “much loved daughter”!

I bless you to keep growing and maturing and to learn to partner with Father in the Kingdom!

Kim, I bless you to follow Jesus and let Him coach you in walking with Father… through all of life! I bless you to have fun with Him!

I bless you to learn the incredible advantage of His being with you in the invisible realms!

Kimberly, I bless your spirit to be strong and mighty: to find its eye sight, and its hearing, and its discerning, and its ability to move in the abiding!

I bless you to keep living from that deep inner passion I see in your spirit (and deeper yet… I bless you to live from His power inside your spirit)!

I bless your internal governance and confidence to go to new levels of wisdom, power, passion and LIFE!

I bless you to be a living well that gives LIFE to all those that come up around you!

Kimberly, I bless you to continue to find your deep identity as a daughter, as a princess in the Kingdom, and especially to find your oneness with Christ!

I bless the two of YOU to move in power and passion that continues to have a huge impact on your friends and your school.

I bless it to go to new levels in the days to come: impacting your college, your community, your culture, your nation, other nations, and especially your own husband and family.

Kimberly, I bless you to discern and live out the heavenly book that Father wrote about you!

I bless you to partner with Him and have great adventures… living it out together!

I am pulling for you!

Love, Dad.

Partnering at work with Father!

Father, as Your son/daughter and heir, I am thankful my work is Your Work. Thank You, that my position and affiliations at work, are an alignment of my partnership with You.

Father, I present myself, our team, and all our works/entities, to You! Father, I announce out loud to Heaven and earth, “that all that we are, and all that we have, and all that we have set our hands to, are under Your Lordship as our King!” Thank You, that we get to serve You and work with You to further Your Kingdom. Father, thank You for the great honor of “partnering with You!”

Father, I love partnering with You and want nothing holding OUR progress back! I plead the blood of Jesus for every sin, iniquity, transgression, curse, defilement and misalignment at work: including each entity and each team member. I ask for Your forgiveness for every outstanding and unsettled issue that is before Your Throne of Judgement. Would You forgive us and our entities? ________ (yes/no) Father, thank You for the fullness of Your forgiveness and the freedom we have to work together!

Father, I thank You that Your will and dominion are going forth in me, in our team, and all OUR work! Thank You that You are stretching forth Your Hand toward all OUR work and business. Thank You that Your favor is releasing new realms of advancement and empowerment to prosper in every realm and dimension. Father, Thank You that You are protecting, arranging, and advancing right business alignments & relationships for OUR work and business!

Father, I thank You that You and Your Kingdom (and its invisible forces) are empowering and enforcing an open heaven over OUR partnership and activities here on earth. Thank You for the exponential gains and advancement we are moving into with OUR business and OUR team. Father, thank You that Your Kingdom has come near and Your will is being done here on earth, as it is in Heaven; right here, right now, and going forward!!

Father, Thank You for Fathering me and powerfully settling me in my true identity as a son and heir! I love being in Your family and being a part of Your team that is advancing the Kingdom!

Father, thank You for coaching me to walk in Christ with You in abiding: friendship, partnership, creativity, and work.

Father, as Your son/daughter, I ask for overwhelming Kingdom freedom from every entrapment and enslavement in the invisible realms! Thank You for this Freedom that restores me to powerfully synchronize with Holy Spirit to move with You and Christ in abiding: partnership, overcoming, and prosperity!

Father, thank You that it is You (and Your power with me) that is delivering me from fear, worry, anxiety, stress, depression, and defeat and therefore creating a sound mind in me. Thank You for enabling me to move with You in a powerful spirit of faith (which is the opposite spirit of fear), that is rooted in a deep awareness that You are with me! Thank You that is who I am in Your Kingdom!

I plead the blood over each of these issues in me and my family (including every issue that is not of Your design, or that is misaligned in our bloodlines and linage)! Would You forgive me and my bloodlines (backwards & forwards)? . . .(pause) . . . Father, thank You for the fullness of Your forgiveness and the freedom I have with You! I am truly thankful!

Father, I thank You for Your nearness and for helping me live as an overcomer! Thank You for creating (and giving to me) my spirit that moves with You in power, love, & a sound mind. Thank You for strengthening my spirit with love that is aware of You and Your nearness.

As a Christian, you have amazing potential as a lawyer in the invisible realms of the spirit! Discovering who you really are in Christ gives you access, acceptance, and authority in the Throne (court) Room of Heaven! In this sense, you were created to be a lawyer in the spirit!


When you got saved, Heavenly Father raised you up and seated you next to Him in Christ Jesus as a much loved son/daughter (Eph 2:6-7, Col 3:1-2). In this enthroned place that is accessible through prayer, Father wants you to find intimacy with Him and Jesus. They want you to learn your high place abiding — with Them and in Them — giving and receiving love!


When you close your eyes and pray from your heart, you can go there! They want you to enjoy growing up in this new “mansion” or “abode” or “abiding place” that Christ has gone & prepared for you, and now has received you to Himself (Jn 14:2-3), so that you can enjoy being the son/daughter you were created to be!


Heaven is not a place you have to wait for until after you die. It is an invisible reality of your Father’s House that you have access to right now! When you were born again, you surrendered to Christ and participated in the invisible realms of His death, burial, resurrection and ascension! Father, by His Spirit, raised you up and seated you next to Him in Christ (Rom 8:11, Eph 2:4-6). It is an invisible dimension of the reality of who you are now, both in the spirit & in His Kingdom! Father did it, but you have to believe it!


Father loves for You to: close your eyes, pray from your heart, sit next to Him on the throne in Christ (far above the Devil and his principalities, powers and rulers), and intercede for others as well as those issues that make your business and life a success! Do you believe this? Would you go after believing this?


Father’s position on the Throne as King, is also His position as Judge of All! He oversees and judges of all His Kingdom, including the earth realms we live and work! The key to being an effective Lawyer in these invisible realms of the Kingdom, is knowing our freedom and right to petition Him as sons/daughters hidden inside of the best Lawyer of all, Jesus Christ!!!


What if future business or ministry success can be determined by this high level abiding and intercession? As Christians who abide in Christ (and He in us), can we move with Him in our role as a lawyer and petition the Father/Judge/King for success in business and work. Could these keys of abiding and intercession release the will of heaven to be done here on earth?


The Lord has been coaching me in these new faith paradigms of intercession to work on a Prayer to Advance Your Business. It has been a fun and powerful adventure with Him! I hope it will be a blessing to you and your business!


Here is the link: Prayer to Advance Your Business

“But as for me, the nearness of God is my good!”

Heavenly Father, thank You that You are “one God and Father, Who is above all, and by all, and in all!” (Eph 4:6) Father, I choose to become more aware of You “above me, beside me, and in me,” through thankfulness!

FATHER ABOVE, thank You that You are above me in Heavenly places always watching over me! Thank You I can come up to You & boldly come before You as my King, to find grace and mercy! At a more profound level, thank You that I can approach You (as Father & King) from who I am as Your son/daughter, seated next to You in Christ. Thank You this is how “I abide in You” and in Your Kingdom above! Therefore, I come in thanksgiving and honor, to love and worship You!

FATHER BY ME, thank You that You are beside me and always have my back! Thank You that You are always with me on location (at work — as well as with me in all of life). Thank You that “You never leave me or forsake me” and are always with me in the invisible. Thank You that You “abide with me” and “Your Kingdom has come near”! Therefore, I thank You that You are with me: fathering me, protecting me, coaching me, empowering me, and advancing Your Kingdom with me, just like You were with Jesus! I love and worship You!

FATHER IN ME, thank You that You are in me and are helping me from the inside out! Thank You for turbo charging my desire to become aware that You are indwelling deep inside me. Thank You, that You are enthroned inside my spirit (in the “Holy of Holies” of my inner man)! Thank You that You “abide in me”! Therefore, I thank You that You are the King inside me and Your Kingdom is within me! I love, honor and worship You!

A Petition to Our Father the King and Judge of All

  •  This prayer is for two or more people to use together in person or in their own prayer times.
  •  When you sense the Spirit emphasizing a truth, insight, or identity, let Him settle it in you! Join Him in it! Abide with Him in it! Pray into any additional insights He shows you.
  •  It is often helpful to pause at the end of a sentence and try to sense the Father’s response!


Father, ________ and I approach You from who we are as Your sons/daughters seated next to You in Christ, as well as from who we are with Christ on the inside of us, and we honor, love, and worship You!


Father, Thank You that we are washed clean with Christ’s Blood, clothed in His righteousness, hidden in Him, and that we live & move & have our being in Him! Father, Thank You that in these truths, we come before You and Your throne — literally “in Jesus Name!”

Father, for the record we affirm that our work is Your Work and that our positions and affiliations with _____________ Corp, are an alignment of our partnerships with You! Further, we reaffirm and proclaim that: all that we are, and all that we have, all that we have set our hands to, and all we will set our hands to (including our jobs, businesses, ministries, investments, properties, assets, liabilities, debts, taxes, income, expenses, and our giving), are under Your Lordship as our King! We present ourselves and all of these works/entities to You and Your Kingdom (including all existing and future projects) and ask as sons and heirs for the great honor of partnering with You in everything?

Father, we love partnering with You and we want nothing holding Our progress back! Therefore, as sons/ daughters and partners with You in all these works/entities, and especially at ____________ Corp, we ask Your forgiveness and plead the blood of Jesus for each entity and for ourselves and our team players (including each individual of every entity) as well as every associated sin, iniquity, transgression, curse, and defilement! Father, we pause and ask for wisdom, remembrance, and revelation to see specific issues that need repenting of before You! FATHER WILL YOU FORGIVE THEM AND US?

Father, we ask that the records of Your Court be opened and we ask for revelation of every spiritual liability that the “accuser of the brethren” has brought (or can bring) before the court that pertains to any of us, our businesses, properties, land, assets, investments, projects, entities, ministries, debts, loans, and financial liabilities. Father, we ask forgiveness and plead the blood of Jesus for every one of these unsettled spiritual liabilities (including all ancient & generational defilement and iniquity) by past ownership, management, & stewards as well as any defilement or spiritual liability incurred by current ownership, management & stewards! Father, again we pause and ask for wisdom, remembrance, and revelation, to see any issues that need repenting of before You! FATHER WILL YOU FORGIVE THEM AND US?

Father would You forgive each of us and set us free from the bondage of our pasts? Please forgive us for where we have made ourselves slaves to our past bad decisions, mistakes, losses, draw downs, and failures in business? Please forgive us for where we have done the same in our personal lives? Father would You forgive us for every associated inner vow to hold ourselves personally responsible to make up for the losses? Father, we renounce these vows of independence and ask, “will You forgive us for the ‘playing god over ourselves’ and the self-idolatry that this represents? Father, would You forgive us for all the “coping by ourselves” and “broken abiding with You” that this represents?

Father, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for Your forgiveness!

Father, you know those who have been offended by us or by any of our businesses. We plead the blood over these offenses and ask your forgiveness? Father we choose to forgive them (& ourselves) for each issue and we forgive & release them (& us) from all our judgements & condemnation. Father we ask to be totally released from their (& our) judgements and condemnation: including every curse, root of bitterness, evil word, lie, misrepresentation, including any prayer that was not according to your will! We also forgive and release them (& us) from the responsibility of the associated fallout, damage, and losses! Father, we plead the blood of Jesus on their (& our) behalf to cleanse and liberate them (& us) and all our entities, into the freedom of Your Kingdom!

Father, we ask for Overwhelming Kingdom Freedom from every entrapment and enslavement in the invisible realms: including the ungodly depths, widths, heights, and lengths! May this Freedom restore us to powerfully move with You and Christ in abiding: partnership, overcoming, and prosperity!

Father from this new place of Freedom with You, we ask in Jesus Name that You remove all current, past, and lingering rights of evil! Will You stretch forth Your hand and separate out every guilty evil spirit & hierarchy of darkness that participated, or manipulated, or controlled, or entraped these people (& us) and our entities! May these evil ones also be separated from one another (and their networks) and left isolated & fully exposed to the justice and wrath of You and Your Kingdom for their culpability in these matters!

Father, You instructed us to not wrestle with flesh and blood (people), but to wrestle with spiritual evil. Therefore, we go on offense and stand in Your Courtroom abiding inside Christ and petition You as our Father, Partner, Judge and King, for justice and righteousness to prevail over all the evil that is guilty in these matters. In Jesus Name, we ask that You and Your Kingdom would move in righteous power, wrath, and vengeance to stalk, overwhelm, capture, bind, remove, and then judge, cast down, & justly torment (in outer darkness & burning fire: with weeping & gnashing of teeth) every evil spirit and every associated hierarchy of evil (in every realm & every dimension of the heavens & earth)!

Father, we Thank You that Your will and dominion are going forth and for this overwhelming rout of evil! Therefore, we further petition You as Owner, Father, Judge, and King to stretch forth Your Hand toward us & our businesses and release new realms of the Kingdom to establish freedom, blessing, favor, empowerment, and advancement to work with You and prosper in every realm and dimension. We ask for this Kingdom dominion & prosperity to manifest on behalf of: 1) Your Personal interest & profitability in each entity, 2) Your Family’s interest & profitability in each entity, and 3) Your Personal participation & friendship with each son and daughter!

Father, we ask in Jesus Name, that You would take Your rightful place as Author, Creator, and Overseer over these recaptured realms of Your Kingdom and position Your Invisible Godly Righteous Ones (Col 1:16) in every realm and every dimension in the heavens & earth over (in, & around) ___________. Father, we ask for the same rule of Kingdom dominion over (in, & around) all our businesses, ministries, properties, investments, assets, as well as over (in, & around) us, our families, our leadership teams, our employees, our associates and our homes. Father, will You empower these Godly Righteous Ones to work with Holy Spirit to enforce an open heaven over each of these entities and individuals!

Father, may Holy Spirit and these Righteous Ones work with You to settle our true identities as sons & heirs! May Their Oversight empower us to walk in Christ with You, in abiding: friendship, partnership, creativity, and work! Father, will You bless these Godly Beings to take their rightful place of dominion to create, protect, arrange, and advance right business alignments & relationships over ___________ & our businesses, that are prosperous and further the Kingdom? May Holy Spirit & These Beings start and create generational blessing cycles over us as Your Sons/Daughters! Father, may these cycles be sustained for decades over us, over our businesses, and over ALL Our existing work and future work!

Father, the three of us (Jesus, __________, and I) petition You (as the Judge of all, as our Father the King, as well as the Rightful & Participating Owner in all the above), for a 7-fold restitution of everything blocked or stolen from the purposes of God in our lives as well as in regards to Your and our interest in each business and specifically Our Joint interest in _____________ & each of its projects. May a 7-fold restitution process be initiated and extracted from the kingdom of darkness for all of our partnerships with You and may we join You in this overcoming of evil. Father, we ask that this transfer would result in exponential Kingdom gains and advancement for each business as well as for every individual on those teams and those who are part of our families. May Your Kingdom come near and Your will be done here on earth, as it is in heaven; right here, right now, and going forward!!

Father, we ask that this prayer (in its entirety & full intent to further the Kingdom) be entered into the Court Record. We ask that Court’s response to this prayer’s petitions, would become immediately enforced in the Kingdom of God in every realm and dimension in the heavens and earth!

I love coming along side you and your partnership with Heavenly Father.

The more I have pursued my friendship with Heavenly Father, the more I realize we have been created to partner with Him!

I love the prodigal son story and often dream of what happened after the son came to his senses, went home, and was fully restored to his Father. Knowing that this parable is really about God being seen as the ultimate Father (and His immense love, forgiveness, and restoration of us), it is also a powerful story of restoring our rest, love & trust under His leadership as head of the family. This restored Father/son (daughter) relationship then goes to work restoring what was lost in our own times of selfishness & independence and it includes taking back and restoring what the enemy has stolen. I believe that the reunited Father and Son went forth in family business and more than made up what the wayward son had lost in his sin and foolishness!

I wonder how many times the restored prodigal and his Father impacted other wayward sons and daughters with their own restored partnership? My guess is that because of them, their local community had many other restored family relationships and partnerships! God loves to spread the leaven of restoration in every direction! He loves for us to come home and settle ourselves in much loved father/son (daughter) relationship that creates the ultimate picture of true sonship! He does not just settle in the fact that we find the humility of a willing servant, He wants us home: fully restored, settled in the rest of sonship, heirship, partnership, and then moving on with Him to further the family business (Kingdom)!

Over the last few years I have found that I love bringing my partnership with Father alongside your partnership with Him to encourage and advance your awareness and friendship with Him. What a privilege to partner with Him personally and then move out in our partnership together, to partner with the awesome partnership you have and are developing with Him!!

This process of partnering with Him always takes us deeper in love with each member of the Trinity! (Give that some thought!)

Each Member of the Trinity has great fun helping us in our journey of maturing in Christ. They pour into us as sons/daughters and joint heirs who have come home to the Father, entered His rest, and now are moving with Him in His Kingdom!! For each of us, this is getting to participate in the restoration of what we lost in Adam, and now we get to move with Father into “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth as it is in Heaven”!!!

(to be continued . . .)

If you have any comments, please use the contact form at the bottom of my website. I would love to hear from you!